Monday, August 17, 2015

Is It Time To Change Up Your Harley Handlebars?

Ape Hanger Handlebars for Harley Davidson Motorcycle
You’ve had your Harley Davidson for years and you love it, you wouldn’t change a thing. It doesn't matter if you own a softail, dyna or bagger, you are happy with what you have. You take it out on weekends, if the weather looks good you take it to work, every summer you plan a long trip to take, the destination is irrelevant because the fun is riding your Harley there and back. But did you notice a problem on your last trip? Do those weekends not feel like they used to? Did you have to get off your bike and walk around for a few minutes to stretch? The problem isn’t your bike, the problem is the way you are sitting on your Harley and it may be time to make a change.
But do you have to go out and buy a brand new Harley Davidson? Of course not, you can completely alter the feel of your bike with a new set of Harley ape hanger handlebars. It really is that simple, if you have T-bars or the standard bars most bikes have you may notice that your back stiffens more than usual when you go out for a ride. Rather than having to lean forward you can actually sit more upright, in a comfortable position with a set of ape hanger handlebars. This is not only a great way to get a more comfortable ride but it actually gives your bike a completely different look without having to make big changes.
A lot of riders prefer ape hangers to other types of handlebars on their motorcycle not only because it allows them to sit upright when riding but because they feel that it gives them more of a peripheral view. Comfort and better vision are pretty good benefits to making the switch but how do you know which size to get?
If you have never had ape hanger handlebars on your motorcycle before it can be a little tricky ordering them. It doesn’t matter if you have ridden a bike that has them because that bike will be different than yours. People make the mistake of riding a bike with ape hangers, like the feel and order the same exact size bars only to install them and realize they do not feel the same way.
The best thing to do is to sit on your bike in the position you would be with apes and then hold your arms out to a comfortable position. Hold your arms for at least ten seconds and if they get tired or feel uncomfortable you know that is not the right location for them. Once you find a spot you like have someone take measurements and that will give you the most accurate way of getting measurements for ape hangers for your own bike.
 Can I still get them custom?
One of the things motorcycle owners love is that they can customize their bikes to be different. You can get custom Harley Davidson handlebars at low prices so don’t worry about that.
Do I have to change other parts?
Depending on the type of bike you have you may need to change a couple of additional parts but nothing crazy. It won’t require any major changes so costs should remain around what you were expecting. Be sure to check with the manufacturer, your mechanic or the distributor before you make any changes but for the most part you should be good to go.
Other than that don’t concern yourself with drastically altering your motorcycle. It’s not like you have to buy new wheels just because you are changing the handlebars. You may need new hand controls but any store will have those as a selection with the bars you are looking to purchase. You may even find a better deal on new bars with hand controls that you don’t have to spend the time doing the wiring yourself.

Should I Buy Local?
The problem with shopping at local stores, especially if you want custom parts, is that local shops are going to have a smaller selection and the prices are usually much higher. If you can afford to wait a couple of extra days for shipping and take the time to look online you will not only find a better selection but you can save a lot of money.
What should I do with my old set?
EBay, Craigslist, Amazon or anywhere else you can think of. There are plenty of places you can sell your used bars and make a little bit of money. Other Harley owners will be looking for used bars for their sportster, dyna, softail or bagger so you have a chance to make a quick sale. Most of the time when people need to make repairs to their Harley they are looking for used parts. If you can afford it however, you really do want to go with new ones.

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